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The Deiphira Project

Welcome to the Deiphira Project, a collaborative scholarly undertaking to transcribe, translate, and study a manuscript currently held at Harvard University’s Houghton Library, MS Typ. 422. The manuscript contains one text, Leon Battista Alberti’s dialogue on love, known as the Deiphira.

The project team, working virtually and collaboratively over the course of the 2020-2021 global pandemic, have prepared the following:

  • The Online Edition, an annotated transcription and English-language translation of the Houghton Library, MS Typ. 422 Deiphira. This is the first full-text translation of the work into English.
  • A Digital Deiphira: A visually-oriented transcription, manuscript description, physical manuscript collation, and paleographic essay using images from the manuscript.
  • Several Studies that explore the manuscript’s materiality, summarize the Deiphira tradition, list extant Deiphira manuscripts, discuss the challenges to reading the Typ 422, and explore pedagogical applications of the text and this project.
  • Download our Data provides the option to download a .pdf file of our transcription and translation for your own use.
  • The Tools and Workflow page outlines how the team completed the project, including the project’s software and organizational strategies.

All of the outcomes of this collaborative study are hosted by the Italian Department and the Global Medieval Studies Program at Georgetown University.