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calamita; e in quel modo sfogano le
fiamme de la sua incesa ira et cocente do-
lore. Tu hora da chi ti chiami offeso?
qual iniuria ti sta qui tanto molesta?
qual stimolo te tanto punge ad urta-
re te stesso / cum si obstinato despiacere
et acerbita danimo. Pallimacro. |
Misero me, misero me quanto e miei
pensieri in me sono gravi; tanto piu stan
no profundi; et meno gli posso riso-
levare. Londa che sorgie fuori del
saxo discuopre / et muove le picole
petroline; le grande stanno / e quanto
magiore onda sopra giongie tanto
piu si cuoprono diminuta giara. Tu

Folio 5 verso

disaster. And in that way, they release the flames of their kindled wrath and burning grief. By whom do you claim to be offended? What injury is causing you such distress? What barb stings you so much that you injure yourself with such stubborn vexation and bitter spirit? Pallimacro. Poor me, poor me, the heavier my thoughts are, the deeper they sink, and the less I can lift them up. The wave that surges over the rocks uncovers and moves the little pebbles, but the large ones stand; the bigger the wave, the more the rocks are covered by fine gravel.