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molestissima quale possa niuno quando
che sia non sentire. Et beato chi prova
le forze di amore; in eta giovenille
senza perdere le sue magnifiche impre-
se; et optimi principiati studii. Beato
chi in teneri anni provando impara
fugire amore. Sogliano ivaiuoli |
piu nuocere agli ochi annosi che afan-
ciuleschi b le mente ferme et virile3acosi pe…
Piu pa…
che le puerille / et legiere una medesi-
ma fiamma incende uno troncho an-
noso quale apena abronza uno ra-
mo verzoso. El si vuole in questa eta
amando discoprirse honesto amante.
Poi che amore mai fu chi potesse te–

8 recto

and no one can avoid experiencing it whenever it comes. And blessed is the one who experiences the power of love in youth, without undermining his magnificent endeavors and the best of his promising studies. Blessed is he who, experiencing love in tender years, learns to flee it. Smallpox usually does more harm to aged eyes than to young ones, so it seems that those with firm and virile minds are more blinded by love than are the immature and superficial; the same flame that burns an old tree trunk barely scorches a green branch. At this age it is necessary, when in love, to show oneself to be a true lover. Indeed, there was never anyone who was able