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errori diventarete opiu docti ad
amare o molto piu prudenti a fugi-
re amore. et se legendo forse qualche
sospiro o lacrima vi tiene sievi con
forto poi che altri anchora prova quel
lo che voi legete. Ne sia chi stimi
conoscere amore se puo tutto leger
me senza qualche poco suspirare
Anchora sera chi me legera lacri-
mando. Ma provati amanti et me
co scorgiete quanto in voi possa amo-
re. Et credo imparerete qualche
utilita avivere amati; et pregiati
da vostri citadini.

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become either more learned in how to love, or more discerning at fleeing love. And if, while reading this, some sighs or tears overwhelm you, be comforted by the fact that other people are experiencing what you are reading. Neither should one think that he knows love, if he can read me entirely without sighing a bit; and there will be some who read me crying. But, try and glimpse with me, lovers, how much power love has over you. And I believe you will learn something of use for a life loved and appreciated by your fellow citizens.