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Folio 12 recto

quale non amasse sentendo se esser amato.
Quanto certo io in molti modi conobi
me molto esser amato. Philarco. Et qui
anchora peccano i giovani iquali sti-
mandossi digni de esser amati subito
iudicano omni minimo sguardo venire
da grande amore. Sono signi di vero
amore; cangiar colore, rimirar fixo;
cadendo col sguardo dolce aterra ra–
corsi suspirando. Pallimacro. Molti
piu che questi erano certi signi di vero
amore quelli iquali mi vinsero ada-
mare. O deiphira mia ate omni mio ac-
to / omni parola omni cosa mia piacea. Tu
fra le giente cum gliochi mi cierchavi

12 recto

that he would not love, feeling himself loved? For certainly I came to know, in so many ways, how much I was loved. Philarco. And here too, young men err who, considering themselves worthy of being loved, immediately think that every little glance comes from great love. These are signs of true love: changing color, staring fixedly then softly lowering your gaze to the ground, and sighing, coming back to yourself. Pallimacro. There were many more signs of true love than these, which compelled me to love. Oh, my Deiphira, you used to like my every action, every word, every deed. From afar, your eyes