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Folio 13 recto

schuse deiphira mia cossi tinsegnai quan
to hora sai troppo straciarmi. O pallima-
cro sfortunato che sciagura fu la tua fa-
bricare / et porre in mano larme aquesta
spiatata; conche ella hora mai si senta
sacia sacia dacorarti questi qual soffero tu-
ti sono mei colpi. Queste piaghe mor-
tale sono in me da primi mei errori. |
Imparate amanti non ubedite amore men
che vi chiegia piu che gli altri piacie quel
destrieri qual corre senza speronareb tropea5
chi fa quel che non vole, soffere duo ma-
li quanto saffatica et quanto gli dispia-
cie. Ma tu deiphira mia sai ben cheio
date merito senon pietade. Io mai fugi

13 recto

excuses, my Deiphira, and so I taught you what you are now able to use to torment me. Oh unfortunate Pallimacro, what a calamity it was to construct and to put in the hands of this merciless one the weapon with which she never tires of inflicting pain on me; and these blows are all my own. These mortal wounds exist within me, from my earlier mistakes. Learn, lovers, do not render to love less than he demands of you. The steed that runs without too much spurring is more beloved than others. He who does that which he does not want to do suffers from two evils, overexertion and displeasure. But you, my Deiphira, you know well I deserve nothing else from you but mercy. I never shrank from