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Online Edition II

Folio 16 verso

mai si ricorda dimenticarse la iniuria / o /
grande / o / minore cagione che la mova.
Ma bene giova monstrandossi di animo
libero et amagiore cose occupato farsi
richiedere, et ramentavi amanti che pigli-
era piu facile e piu numero de ucielli
chi sa alletargli / che chi sa perseguirgli, con
viense cum bei costumi / cum ogni virtu
e gientileza aletargli a prehendere pia-
cere di spesso vederti. Onde a [poc]o a
poco se incenda et accresca in loro amore
et vui amante fate qual suole luciellato-
re dietro a le coturnice sequendole cum
modo et bellamente; che assai vien presto
il termine quale sia certo; e contenete voi

16 verso

forgotten an injury or the great or small reason that caused it. But, it is good to make yourself sought after by showing yourself to be independent of mind and busy with more important affairs. And remember, lovers, that he who can delight the birds will catch them more easily and in a larger number than he who hunts them; it is best to charm them, with a pleasing deportment and all kinds of virtue and gentleness, so that they may be happy to see you often. Then, little by little, their love catches fire and grows, and you, lovers, do as the fowler does, following the partridge methodically and artfully. Very soon the end comes, which is assured. Restrain yourselves