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Folio 17 recto

stessi a cio che la troppo seguita amata
non lieve se insuperbisca. Ove poi quanto |
piu la seguiti servendo ella tanto piu vi
fuga, et se pure o vostra disaventura o
loro instabile natura come femine sem-
pre apparechiate a nuove gharre for-
se accenano di levarse tiratevi adietro
amanti e lassatele bene prima consigliarsi
cosa perville che la sia pur duole a chi la
per[de et] niuna sara tanto stolta la qual
non priegi uno amante fra le prime caris-
sime cose unde advien / che prima se
parte prima e richiesto, e se pure loro
superbia e stolticia elle salliscono infasti-
dirvi voi fermativi e lassatele stracarsi

17 recto

so that the beloved, too sought after, does not become prideful. On the other hand, the more you pursue her by serving her, the more she will flee you. And even if they take leave, either by your misfortune or their unstable nature –as women are always ready for a new fight — withdraw, lovers, and let them first carefully reconsider. However worthless a thing might be, it still pains the one who loses it. No woman would be so foolish as not to prize a lover among the dearest of things. And so it happens that the sooner you withdraw, the sooner you are wanted back. Then if their pride and foolishness rise up and annoy you, pause, and let them wear themselves out