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ficio di liberalita; et cortesia piu tosto,
che di servitu. Et beato colui il quale quan
to egli ama tanto sente se essere amato ne
volse dogni minimo sinistro caso tanto
atristarsi vui amanti; se chi voi amati
forsi si monstra verso di voi meno facile
che lusato subito vi adolorati. Stolti a-
matori se non stimati ogni astucia et
arte dele femine exercitarsi solo per esser
guardati da molti e lodati; ne sa ama-
re chi non puo patire due ciglia cruci-
ose in un bel viso. Pallimacro. Oime
sfortunato me; meschino me niuno
caso adverso; niuna infelicita; niun do-
lore puo advenire uno amante quale

18 recto

to be the duty of generosity and courtesy rather than of servitude. And blessed is he who feels himself to be loved as much as he loves, and does not allow himself to be saddened by any minor adversity. You, lovers, if the ones you love perhaps show less warmth to you than usual, you immediately become sorrowful. You are foolish, lovers, if you do not realize that all feminine wiles and cunning exist only so they can be seen and praised by many. Neither does anyone know how to love who cannot tolerate a darkened brow in a beautiful face. Pallimacro. Oh unlucky me, wretched me, no ill fortune, no unhappiness, no pain can come to any lover that