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to me quelle medesme sum state ca-
sone dogni mia callamita; hora ho do-
lore in me acerbissimo da chi posso spe-
rare piu mai aiuto alcuno / poi che di
chi io piu mi fido / piu me nuoce. O idio
o quanto amore fugi in picol tempo. n
Philarco. Tristo pallimacro, quella
tua deiphira quale tanto amava te / non
amella piu quanto solea? Pallimacro.
Non ami piu no deiphira mia non
ami mi non, et emi tecco intervenuto co-
me spesso si vede chi da lungie tiene
il thoro alazato seguendolo se forse fu-
gie; egitante la terra si gli si rivolgie et
si se ferma in molti modi lo incita a mo-

20 recto

poor me, instead were the cause of all my calamities; now, oh most bitter pain, whose help can I ever hope for, given that those I trust the most harm me the most? Oh God, how much love flies in such a short time. Philarco. Sad Pallimacro, that Deiphira of yours, who loved you so much, does she not love you as she used to? Pallimacro. You no longer love, no, my Deiphira, you do not love me anymore. What happened to me was like what we often see with someone who keeps a bull on a rope at a distance. He follows it if it runs away, and if it turns against him, he throws himself3 on the ground. And if it stops, he spurs and annoys it in many ways.