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citarmi / acio che questo uso in me renda-
meno aspero quel che hora me troppo |
acerbo, fungono imei suspieri altrove
che lui sempre essere ove in me arde il
mio dolore, et le mie lacrime cadendo
per el seno tornano unde furono premute
al chuore. Et questo mio dolore come
cossa ferroce et troppo mordace quanto
piu dentro almio pecto rinchiuso et
obscuro nascoso terro tanto forsi dismet-
tera suo impeto et rabbia. Philarco.
Io vedendo te cossi solo errare fra queste
silve tanto afflicto non potea pallimacro
mio non maravegliarmi et molto desi-
derava sapere unde in questo fronte tuo

2 verso

to make less harsh that which is now too bitter. My sighs flee away from where my pain ever burns within, and my tears, falling on my breast, return, wrung from my heart. My pain is like a ferocious biting thing. The more I keep it hidden in darkness within my breast, the more, perhaps, this rage will be dispersed. Philarco. Seeing you wander alone among these woods so afflicted, my dear Pallimacro, I could not keep myself from wondering, and I very much wanted to know whence came such overwhelming pain, that I now see on a face