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Online Edition II

versi e cossi lo infesta, persino che volgie
la fune a qualche fermo luoco, onde poi
scostatossi ride videndo il thoro legato
solo nuocere a se stesso hora cozando al ven
to hora apparichiandossi indarno a nuovi
conbatimenti cossi tu a me deiphira mia
et puoi che me stessi hebbe avolta a quelle
ferme promesse quale fino a hora mi ten
gono a ti sugieto tu subito incomminciasti
a sdignarmi, tu deiphira mia qual pri-
ma eri tanto lieta videndomi qual prima
temendo stare qualche giorni senza spes-
so rivedermi lacrimasti; tu hora in prova
mi fugi / et me hai senza cagione alchu-
na in fastidio troppe; et in odio, tu quando

20 verso

Even the one who hitches the rope around a strong post riles it in doing so. Then, having dodged the bull, he laughs to see that the tied bull only harms himself, now charging in the wind, now readying itself in vain for new fights. So you do the same to me, my Deiphira. The moment I tied myself to you with those strong promises that have held me subject to you until now, you quickly began to disdain me. You, my Deiphira, who used to be so happy to see me, who used to weep, fearing to pass a few days without seeing me, now indeed you flee me and without any reason you hold me in contempt and in hatred. When you