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et famosissime, et Roma fu temuta
reverita et ubedita, quanto tempo il cielo
e sua sorte aciaschuna permisse; ne tu
adunque pensi se non dovuto se uno a-
nimo volubile et feminile verso dite
non equel che solea. Pazo piu volte, pazo
chi crede in femina mai essere constantia
alchuna; et certo quando ben in questa una
fusse ogni fermeza pure al vostro
amore quando che sia si convenia il suo fine.
Et stima pallimacro mio che mai longo
amore fu senza multa copia di sospie-
ri lacrime e vario dolore et qualunche
adverso caso nelamore quanto piu vien
tardi tanto siegue cum ruina magiore

21 verso

and renowned; and Rome was feared, revered, and obeyed for as long as the heavens and their fate allowed each of them. Nor, then, should you think it unreasonable that a changeable and feminine spirit is no longer what it used to be towards you. Crazy, crazy many times over, is anyone who believes that in a woman there is ever any constancy; and certainly even if you do find some steadfastness in her, still at some point your love will end. And consider, my Pallimacro, that there was never a longstanding love without an abundance of sighs, tears, and sufferings of all kinds. And in love, the later any adversity comes, the greater the ruin that ensues.