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tua deiphira cossi verso te serebe certo
il simile se in lei fusse quanto in te fede o f[i]rmo
amore. Ma qual caso fu questo vostro
tanto da maledirlo? Pallimacro. Certo
si da maledirlo; parsigli philarco mio
che una et unaltra forse piu bella di lei
troppo a me si proferisce quale essa in parte
ad altri si proferiva parsigli tristo me
inuria del nostro amore se altri accendeva
i suoi lumi al nostro foco. Oime quanto sono
brevi et molto fallaci i dolci spassi da-
more parseti deiphira mia da credere
a chi ti confirmava ogni tuo suspecto. O
miseri amanti imparati da me; credete
a me il quale molte lacrime e molti do-

24 verso

that Deiphira of yours would certainly feel the same if there were in her as much faith or firm love as there is in you. But what was your situation that you curse it so? Pallimacro. Certainly, it is to be cursed. It seemed to her, my Philarco, that one or another woman, more beautiful than she, offered herself too much to me just as she, for her part, offered herself to others. It seemed to her, poor me, an injury to our love if another woman kindled her lights at our fire. Ah me, how brief and very deceptive are the sweet delights of love. You chose, my Deiphira, to believe those who confirmed all your suspicions. O woeful lovers, learn from me. Believe me, for many tears and much