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et cagione alchuna ti sdegna. Adunque tu
pallimacro mio cum molta ragione non segui-
re havendo tanto in odio la tua liberta che tu pur
doni te stessi achi te sdegna, se alei non duo-
le perdere uno fidele amante; ne ate pari dol-
gia uscire di tanta servitu. Parmi iniuria
pure servire achi non volgia esser servito,
non puo senon dolerti una et unaltra volta
cossi lassare quello, che ate solea esser grato
et caro ma vinci te stessi evincerai amore.
Non curare vedere chi te mira cum dis-
pecto; non salutare chi dentro a se ti biastiem
ma; non esser servo achi non ti sa esser hu-
man signore. Resta omai esser giocho a
chi gode dogni tuo dolore emiseria.

26 verso

and disdains you without cause. Therefore, my Pallimacro, be very reasonable, cease hating your liberty so much that you continue to give yourself away to someone who despises you. If she does not suffer from losing a loyal lover, then equally, you should not suffer from leaving such servitude. It seems to me unjust to be in service to someone who does not want to be served. It cannot but hurt, each and every time, to leave that which used to be pleasing and dear. But conquer yourself and you will conquer love. Do not worry about who looks at you with scorn; do not offer good wishes to the one who inwardly curses you; do not be a servant to someone who cannot be a humane master. Stop being a plaything to one who enjoys all your pain and suffering.