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Pallimacro. Che voi tu che io faza philar-
co; io mai potrei indurmi ne lanimo fare
odire chosa che acostei dispiacessi, et emmi
tormento vederla se non lieta et contenta, sel-
le iniusta verso di me , quando che sia sene pen
tira: et dolerallj in tanto io fra me mai
abandonero damarla et in qualunche
modo molto serbarli honore. Philarco.
Lodoti pallimacro et certo in questo
monstri quanto in te sia zentileza et costu-
me et troppo te biasmarei se tu come ques
ti altri villani et dispectosi amanti nonse
condandoli tutte le cose quanto bestiali troppo
chiedono subito cum sdegno et minacie
vindicando non si vergognono rendere misere

27 recto

Pallimacro. What would you have me do, Philarco? Not even in my mind could I bring myself to say or do something that would be displeasing to her. And it torments me to see her unhappy or malcontent. If she is ever unjust towards me, she will feel regret, and it will be painful to her. And meanwhile, in my heart, I will never cease loving her and honoring her in every possible way. Philarco. I praise you, Pallimacro, and certainly in this matter you show how much nobility and refinement there is within you. And I would blame you if you did as other uncouth and scornful lovers do, who do not acquiesce to all the beastly things women ask for so much, and who immediately avenge themselves with scorn and threats, unabashedly making their unhappy lovers