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amoroso dextro in terra se esso mal ti pre
me e non gitarlo in modo che se rompa in
su piedi tuoi in vendeta et inimista.
Commincia adunque ad interlassare una
hora poi intermetti un di et cossi acres-
ci ogni di piu il dimenticarla persino che
tu stessi ausi te astare piu e piu di.
Et anchora mesi senza vedere chi ti
inimica. Pallimacro. Oime deiphi-
ra mia come ti credero io mai essere
a pallimacro tuo inimica/ tu da me
mai non in deti in facti offesa tu sem-
pre dame honorata et adorata. Io
mai ate fui grave/ o importuno se non
forse in troppo amarti; cum fede e patien

30 verso

set it down gingerly; do not to throw it down in revenge and spite, so that it shatters on your own feet. Begin, therefore, to let it go for an hour, then put it aside for a day, and in this way you will forget her more and more every day, until you even accustom yourself to stay away for days upon days, and even months without seeing the one who is your enemy. Pallimacro. Oh, my Deiphira, how will I ever believe you to be the enemy of your Pallimacro? I never said or did anything to offend you. I always honored and adored you. I was never burdensome or demanding, except perhaps in loving you too much, loyally and patiently.