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fra primi remedij ,aquesto male cossi
ricordare / che le facende magiore dimen
tichano gli ocij de lamore. Pallimacro.
Hei philarco? parti puoca facenda con
tentare una femina; parti puoca facen
da contentare se stesso amando?Philarco.
Hau anci una sola femina ame pare
molto e molto male per piu homini che
per dodici. Ma pure allevare delanimo
tanti tuoi pensieri acerbissimi et ama-
rissimi giova apigliare altra facenda
escostarsi da lanimo queste fiamme
quale te consumano. Vorre io vederti
cho tuoi amici in villa seguitare olupo
olorso; et cussi fugire questa altra

32 verso

among their primary remedies to this malady, that more pressing concerns make you forget the pleasures of love. Pallimacro. Oh, Philarco, does it seem to you a small feat to make a woman content? Does it seem to you a small feat to make oneself content in loving? Philarco. Alas, it seems to me that one woman, by herself, would be more trouble than twelve or more men could handle. But to relieve your spirit of such bitter and harsh thoughts, you should also take another course and remove from your soul the flames that consume you. I would like to see you with your friends, in the countryside, hunting the wolf or the bear, so as to flee this much more