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molto piu bestiale bestia non dico fe-
mina ma amore. Pallimacro. Ques-
to conosco io per prova philarco che
quanto piu scosti la corda de larcho te-
so tanto piu ti stracha acontenerla et
tanto cum piu impeto ritorna qual pri
ma era. Philarco. Et dove questo
nulla giovassi ame pare poca pruden-
tia fugire tuti gli altri dilecti sere-
beti utile cossi al continuo darti tra
molti solacevoli amici apresso i quali
tu insieme lieto dementicassi chi te
molesto. Pallimacro. Che credi phi-
larco per metere margarite e gemme
in un vaso pien di aqua che e manco

33 recto

beastly beast; I do not say ‘woman’, but love. Pallimacro. That much I know from experience, Philarco, that the more you pull the cord of a strung bow, the more you tire yourself bending it back, and the more forcefully it returns to its original position. Philarco. And should this fail, it seems imprudent to me to flee all other pleasures. Therefore, it would be better to spend time with your many sympathetic friends, with whom you can happily forget the one who troubled you. Pallimacro. Think, Philarco: don’t you know that when you put place even daisies and buds into a vase filled with water,