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strasi crucioso verso chi te iniurij che ado-
lorato, et parme cosa troppo servile con
tro la iniuria havere nulla se no ne il
dolersene, et alchunj incendij sono qualj
meglio si spengono cum ruina che cum aqua
et quanto io offeso atorto certo aragione
monstrarei mio sdegno per non dare di
me licentia adaltri piu che ame stesso.
Pallimacro. Non credere che giovi |
philarco no portar in mano accesi le
bracci per piu scaldare altrui / et chol
mio crucio infiamare lira achi puo
in me quanto e vuole serebe uno crescer-
mi tormento. Philarco. Et per meno sen-
tire quisti tormenti poi che si dice luno

34 recto

those who injure you that you are angry rather than suffering, and it seems too degrading to have nothing to show from the injury but pain. Some fires are better extinguished by stamping them out than by dousing them with water, and however wrongfully offended I am, I will rightfully show my scorn so as not to empower others more than myself. Pallimacro. No, don’t believe it, Philarco, it is not a good thing to carry burning embers in one’s hands in order to warm others. And if my anger were to inflame the wrath of the one who can do whatever she wills with me, then it would increase my torment. Philarco. And to feel less tormented, since, as they say,