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vince fugiendo. Et tu stima quanto
giovi non tenere il corso aquella rota
sotto la quale stia il piede tuo premuto.
Ma poi che ate mai fu cosa si cara de la
quale negassi me esserne quanto / io
volesse participe / qui se questo tuo
dolore a te pare caro fannne a me qual
sogli / come ad amico parte. Et se te
molesto non dubitare che forsi noi
dui insieme potremo quello che tu
solo non poi. Per cierto io te sero in a-
iuto / o aconselgio da qualche parte
utile avincere laversita o asofferirla.
Pallimacro. Oime philarco ne
oro ne giemme ne qualsia grandissima

4 recto

overcome the pain is by fleeing it. And consider how good it is when you stop the movement of that wheel under which your foot is trapped. There was never anything so dear to you that you would refuse to share it with me, when I wanted you to. Now, if your pain seems so dear to you, then share it with me as a friend, as you usually do. And if this bothers you, doubt not that the two of us together might be able to do what you alone cannot. Certainly, I will be of help and counsel to you in any way I can to overcome adversity or to endure it. Pallimacro. Alas, Philarco, neither gold nor gems nor any great