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tanto te priva de cussi carissime et |
gratissime cose? Oime amar troppo
altri piu che me stessi cossi dogni mio
male mi sta cagione. Etu adunque pal-
limacro in stranij paesi fugirai erran-
do solo / et molto piangiendo latua mi-
seria? Sfortunato troppo sfortunato.
Et qual tuo peccato ate qui mai retri-
buisse tanta infelicita. Oime servire
cum troppa fede achi me ingrata fa-
me cussi troppo essere infelice. Ei mis-
chino pallimacro tu adunque inexilio
starai soffrendo inte pene dela inius-
titia altruj? Et que nostri deiphira
mia tra noi lietissimj risi ecopertissimj

35 verso

to be so deprived of what is most dear and pleasing? Alas, loving someone else so much more than myself is the cause of my ills. And will you therefore, Pallimacro, flee to foreign lands, wandering alone, bemoaning your misery? You are unfortunate; so unfortunate. And which sin of yours pays you back with such unhappiness? Serving so loyally someone who is ungrateful to me, alas, is what makes me so unhappy! Oh poor you, Pallimacro, will you go into exile, suffering deeply from someone else’s injustice towards you? And my Deiphira, our joyful laughter and knowing