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Online Edition II

chi vera asalutarti? Chi tornera spes-
so afarti lieta? Chi seguira te molto
amando? A chi te porgierai tu or-
nata? Chi te lodera? Chi quanto io
mai te rendera honore? Tu giovene-
ta ebella sederai fra le altre senza ha-
vere chi molto preci le tue belleze.
O ti piacera donarti anuovj amanti
poi che tu cossi hai atorto excluso e
gitato chi te piu; che se stesso amava
ama; et sempre amera.



36 verso

Who will come to pay you homage? Who will visit you time and again to make you happy? Who will continue to love you so much? For whom will you adorn yourself? Who will praise you? Who will honor you as much as I? You, who are young and beautiful, will sit among other women, with no one to praise your charms. Or, will you prefer to offer yourself to new lovers, having thus wrongly discarded and rejected the one who, more than himself, loved you, still loves you, and always will love you.