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richeza possono amortali levar i do-
lori. Et resta philarco meco fare come
achi cade lanello di mano in quello pel-
lago, quale quanto piu si trassina piu
sintorbida et meno si scorgie aritrovar-
lo. Quanto piu ciercharai conoscere le
mie profunde miserie / tanto piu a
me rimescolarai lanimo / et meno da
me le poterai discernere. Ne ciercare
qui essermi utile in altro ch i aiutarmi
apiangere, poi che la fortuna cossi di
me dispone Philarco. Aime palli-
macro, non pianger piu ramentati in quanti
modi tu hai altrove vincta la fortuna
cum animo virile / et fortissimo / Et che

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wealth can relieve mortals’ suffering. So stop behaving like this with me, Philarco. You are like someone who drops a ring from his hand into the ocean, who, the more he wades in, the murkier the water becomes and the less he can glimpse and find it. The more you seek to know my profound miseries, the more you stir up my heart and mind, the less I will be able to perceive them for myself. Do not try to be useful to me in any other way than to help me to weep, since fortune has dealt with me in this way. Philarco. Oh, Pallimacro, do not cry any more; recall, in how many ways you have at other times conquered fortune with your manly and most powerful spirit. And what