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giova tanto dolersi de casi adversi se
non ne ad agravare; et fare magiore
quello che troppo te spiacie. Lassa questo
officio a le femine le quale solo sano fin
gere et lacrimare. Vedi una minima
ferita, non governata quanto non rado
diventi mortale. Et qual si sia ferita, pro
funda cum aiuto estudio altrui spesso si
sani. Io sento in sue adversita glialtri
per honestare il dolore suo et non parere
danimo enervato et feminile / accusa-
re / ola iniquita di soi nemici /ola perfidia
dichisesia / ola iniuria dela fortuna. Et
molto havere caro piu et piu persone sa-
piano, quanto esiano indigni di tanta

5 recto

is the point of complaining so much about misfortunes if not just to make things worse and to make more of that which brings you such displeasure. Leave this role to women, who are capable only of feigning and weeping. Witness how the tiniest wound, left untended, often becomes mortal, and how even a deep wound, with another’s help and attention, often heals. I feel that others, in their adversities, to dignify their sorrow and not appear as listless and effeminate, blame their enemies’ falseness, someone else’s perfidy, or fortune’s injustice. And they take pains to let as many people as possible know how undeserving they are of such